Control system engineering & integration

  • All software, engineering and integration you need to run a PT system from one place.
  • Projects improved with the expertise  of the largest independent specialist.
  • Fusion, ADS, Smart grid, ... New Energy needs precise controls.
  • Spin-in of accelerator technology.


Cosylab participates in 5 out of 6 of the largest international Big Physics Projects


Extreme Light Infrastructure - Nuclear Physics European Spallation Source Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research The way to new energy Advanced Centre for Ion Therapy and Research Switzerland's X-ray free-electron laser & Swiss Light Source Stanford Linear Accelerator Center Polish synchrotron radiation facility


About Cosylab

Cosylab is a Control System Integrator specializing in Large Physics Facilities.
Experienced and with a proven track record, we take pride in repeatedly delivering the right quality, on time & within budget. With Cosylab, your project is in capable hands.